Apply for a Website for your Charity or Non-Profit Organization

If you’d like to apply for a discounted website for your animal welfare or other non-profit organization, please fill out the form below. Approval is based on my availability at the time.  If you have non-profit status through the IRS, several hosting companies like DreamHost and can provide free hosting.  If you are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit you will be responsible for the cost of hosting.  I’ve found aSmallOrange to have some of the most affordable plans- a “Tiny” hosting plan is usually sufficient for a simple website for around $57 per year, and the next higher plan “Small” is about $72 per year.  Please note that these prices include an optional $7 charge for Domain Privacy.  (What’s that?) 

Please note that if you need an adoptable pet list on your website you will need to sign up for Petfinder and accounts ahead of time.  You will then be responsible for maintaining your adoptable pet listings in and keeping Petfinder synced up using the Petfinder Sync app.  The login information for these, as well as that for your hosting account, will need to be provided before any work can begin on your site.

Thanks for your interest.  I look forward to working with you!