How to put your Pet List on your Facebook Page (The long way)

Adding your pet list to your Facebook Page is one of the coolest features of your account.

Note that this functionality will not work with your personal Facebook profile.  What’s the difference?

Here’s how to do it:
First you have to create a Facebook App, which requires you to sign up for a Facebook Developer account here.  It’s easy– all they require is that you verify your phone number, if you haven’t already done so for your personal account.  From the Facebook Developers page, click on the “Apps” button at the top and then click “Create New App.”  Choose a Display Name (like My Rescue Pet List) and a descriptive namespace.  The namespace can’t have any capitalized letters or spaces.  So choose something like my_rescue_pet_list  Hint: You’ll need this Namespace later.
Click on “Select how your app integrates with Facebook.”  Now is when you will need to login to your account to retrieve your Canvas and Tag URL’s.  From your home screen, hover your mouse over “Features” and click on “Pet Adoption iFrame.”  Copy and paste the URL’s on that page to their corresponding boxes in Facebook.  You can leave “Page Tab Edit URL” blank, or just paste there.  The “Page Tab Name” will be what display under the Page Tab button on your Facebook Page.  You can upload a picture to be used as the Page Tag if you like– I recommend using a picture about 330×219 pixels.  Let me know if you’d like me to make one for you 🙂
Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.
Now you’ll need to alter the URL below by replacing your actual App ID and Name Space with their corresponding spots.  Your App ID is a 15-digit number that was automatically generated when saving your App to Facebook and can be found at the top of your App’s “Basic” setting page underneath the display name.

Then go to that URL you created, and follow the instructions on the screen add it to your Page.  Once it’s been added you may want to rearrange the tabs so it’s more visible.  You can do that by clicking the “down” arrow next to the app tabs, and then hovering over the edit pencil at the top right corners of the tabs to reveal the “Swap with” options.

What’s the difference between a Facebook PROFILE and a PAGE?

Taken from Facebook’s official article on the topic:


Each person has one account and login information. Each account can have a personal timeline and manage multiple Pages.

Personal timelines:

  • Timelines are for individual, non-commercial use.
  • Timelines represent individual people and must be held under an individual name.
  • You can follow Timelines to see public updates of people you’re interested in but aren’t friends with.

Facebook Pages:

  • Pages look similar to personal timelines, but they offer unique tools for connecting people to a topic you care about, like a business, brand, organization or celebrity.
  • Pages are managed by admins who have personal timelines. Pages are not separate Facebook accounts and do not have separate login information from your timeline.
  • Pages provide insights to help admins understand how people are interacting with the Page.
  • You can like a Page to see updates in News Feed about brands you care about.


It’s also a violation of our terms to use a personal account to represent something other than yourself.  Luckily if you’ve been using your profile for your business or rescue, Facebook offers an easy way to convert your profile into a page.  Although the only things that will get transferred over will be your profile picture, username, and all your friends and followers, you do have the option of downloading the rest of your Facebook content to a file.  You’ll then have to create a personal profile to appoint as admin of that page.